Monday, February 23, 2015

This past weekend E and I visited Naperville to tour potential wedding venues (we decided to host our wedding in IL since family + friends still live there) as well as formally propose to our bridal party.

I knew I had really special girlfriends to ask so I wanted to do so in a special way! I spent a couple of weeks researching online and viewing Etsy for festive jewelry like this one) or tank tops (like this one) but in the end I decided it would be more thoughtful to make something myself. So, inspired by Saffron Avenue, I DIY'ed my own proposal box. The goal was to make it personal to the wedding/friendship as well as useful to serve as a memory box for future photos/paper goods.

I purchased wooden craft boxes from JoAnn Fabrics, painted the top with black chalkboard paint, and then painted each bridesmaid's name with white paint over it. I also made my own stationary which included three pieces: the inspiration (colors + styles), the little note (a personal letter), and the question (a fun, cute poem). I designed the pieces in such a way that after cutting, they laid on top of each other nicely as you can see in the photo! I also included trinkets to give an overall feel of the wedding (fake greenery + pine needles) and little gifts to add themed colors (nail polish + chapstick). TA DAAA! 

Follow along my wedding inspiration here!

PS! The "will you be my bridesmaid" stationary shown here is now available in my shop as a printable — including all three pieces in set! If you or a friend is a bride-to-be, send them this way!


Monday, February 16, 2015

Our proposal story is currently featured on How He Asked
Click here to see ALL of the details; including how I was feeling, behind the scenes, and photos following the entire proposal. So many thanks to my friend Josh for so beautifully capturing the moment. 

It's been a little over a month since Eugene proposed but looking at the photos and reading the story let me re-live it all over again. :) So happy to share it with all of you! Enjoy!
So maaach LURV. xoxo.


Monday, January 26, 2015

Now that I am engaged (!!! Still not used to that word yet), you know I will most definitely be documenting every step of this process! If I'm a keeper of all memories, this is one I won't want to miss. From the proposal to DIY decorations to the big day and everything in between, I will share it all here. (As much as I can anyway.) So if you're not subscribed/following yet, hop along for all things wedding. I think this will be a fun one. 

First things first. A mood board. I'm a very visual person so before we start talking budgets and guest lists, I need to wrap my head around the vision for the night. Big picture before logistics. This is also how we started every advertising project in college so I've become wired that way. Luckily E is the exact opposite (I mean seriously night and day, you guys) so he'll make sure we get things done. Til then I'm going to play in this fun space of color and ambiance and feel. :) 

I started out really overwhelmed with so many options because let's be real, all things on Pinterest look perfect and lovely — and yes I'll order two of everything please. But I gave it a shot. I began curating a (secret) board of different images, ideas, and colors that stood out to me. At the end, I was surprised to see how consistent and obvious my style was. Lots of neutrals, rustic and delicate elements, twinkling lights. The feel — fresh, elegant, whimsical, fun, with fall accents. Must not be — gimmicky, cookie-cutter, or stuffy. 

Here it is! :) What do you think? I had so much fun making this I'll probably keep building onto it, but I want to hold onto this "feel" as we make further decisions along the road. Cheers to wedding planning! 



Saturday, January 24, 2015

I've gotten really into podcasts lately (welcome to the 21st century, Jenny). They totally feed my type-A personality and make me feel productive no matter what I'm doing. I usually have one on all the time now; while I'm driving, sitting on a plane,  cleaning the house, getting ready, or even checking emails at work. It makes it really easy to multitask if you're doing something repetitive or handsfree. I found a couple of really good ones so I wanted to share them with you. :) They've all inspired, motivated, taught me something in one way or another, so I hope they can add something to your day as well. 

Below are the links if you're reading this from your desktop, but you can easily access from mobile too! (Which is usually what I'm on.) I included my favorite stations as well as a couple of episodes to get you started.

Jess invites many (relatable but TOTALLY INCREDIBLE) business owners, entrepreneurs, and designers to chat about intentional living. If you're looking for somewhere to start...
           Lara Casey, CEO of Southern Weddings, Making Things Happen, PowerSheets
           Joy Cho, Blogger and designer of Oh Joy

Catalyst interviews different Christian leaders, speakers, and authors to discuss practical leadership and and cultural insights. If you're looking for somewhere to start...
           Carl Lentz, Hillsong NYC
           Ann Voskcamp, Blogger and seminar speaker

Pete Wilson is an incredible pastor and speaker, and all of his sermons are rich with nuggets of spiritual wisdom and truth and love while being digestible the whole time. 

Surprise, surprise this is here. If you haven't listened to this yet, I'm sure you've heard articles, spoofs, etc. regarding this. Serial is a true life story about a murder mystery that took place in Baltimore in 1999. This will keep you on the edge of your seat and super frustrated the whole time, it's worth a listen. It's in chronological order so I would discourage hopping around. (Which is what I did because I was getting impatient.)

Let me know how you like them! If you have any other favorites, I'd love to check them out so please share them below. I'm always on the hunt for new stations. :)



Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Is anyone else losing sleep over this?! Oh, just me...? :)

Yesterday was the launch of the Coffee & Honeycomb's (exclusive) Dream Kit on Etsy, and I've been having so much fun packaging, promoting, and of course, selling these babies! It's only been one day but already a handful of orders have come through(!!!) Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for joining in on my excitement and belief in this Dream Kit, supporting this project, and tolerating the tons of posts on my Instaflow.

Creating a planner has been a long dream of mine, but it really started to come alive recently when I began to think about new years resolutions. I thought about what intentional living could look like apart from just efficiency and accolades. Purpose, joy, contentment. How can we be a people who rush less and breathe more, do less and think more — and was there a planner for that? 

Thus the 2015 dream kit was born!
This is the mantra:
Because you were made for more than to-do lists and errands. More than a crammed schedule and a life measured by the amount of boxes checked off. You were made for big dreams, big prayers, and an even bigger purpose. For passion, laughter, community, and the peace to be present. And it's about time you had a planner that empowered you to believe it. #2015dreamkit

Kits are still available in the shop, but there is a limited amount available so I would act fast!

If you're not following me on Instagram or Facebook, join along now to stay up to date on all things Coffee & Honeycomb - including sneak peeks, inspirational quotes, and even free giveaways.

Click on over to see the product yourself!


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I've been absent around here for quite awhile but with NYE right around the corner, I wanted to pop in and properly close out 2014. Press refresh. I was debating what kind of post I wanted to do; maybe a "best of 2014" post or a "walk down memory lane" post like I did last year, but when I stumbled across Jess Connolly's "the burdens that came with 2014" I knew that just fit with where I was. It felt more appropriate.

There were a lot of monumental and celebratory days in 2014; days I can easily highlight to close the book, but I know there was also a lot of ordinary days, bad days, hard days woven in between. Celebrating the wins is important to me, but so is acknowledging the seemingly stagnant parts, too. Hence, Jess Connolly.

I think when I look back on 2014, it's separated into three very distinct parts/stages. Acts, for lack of a better word.

A C T I : G R A D U A T I O N

2014 found me as a second-semester senior. My mindset was all about seizing the day, staying up late, cherishing campus life, and trying to make plans for post graduation. Looking back, it was sweet and simple and fun. Everything about it. I received a job offer half way through and was sharing an apartment with two of my best friends. After four years of being on a college campus with one major and involved in a college ministry, all of it was comfortable and safe. There I had support and resources and truth that always kept me on track. Guardrails. Living within a comfort zone but anticipating graduation was exciting and liberating. Like finally taking training wheels off. 

A C T I I : J A P A N

I spent my summer in Japan for a missions trip, and this trip changed me. It changed my thought life, my outlook on the future, missions, souls, life, and God in general. I saw a bigger God, a bigger reason to pray, a bigger kingdom than the only one I often cared about, mine. I learned a lot -- and sometimes I wish I could go back to this time because these truths were so fresh and the kingdom seemed no near. It was a time when I was deeply in love with the God who loved me. I wad deeply cognizant of my sins but daily in the presence of Him, His grace was so near and sufficient.

A C T I I I : M I N N E A P O L I S

On August 30th, I moved 6 hours north to Minnesota; home of the first mall, the largest mall, the thousand lakes, the below zero winters, and the healthiest people on earth. And now a home to me. :) That's kind of how he last couple of months have been, making Minneapolis into my home... Navigating the city and then the work place, adjusting to a 9-to-5 schedule, developing friendships, discovering hobbies, finding churches, just finding a new rhythm that still felt genuine to me. Indeed there were a lot of adjustments I needed to make, but overall it's been a smooth and fun transition, I can't complain! God's provision is everywhere.

I'm thankful for a new year and a beat to take inventory of everything that just took place. I'm naturally an introspective one (at least in the past I have been), but by the end of 2014, I was consumed with doing well at work and then squeezing my time after for plans and happy hours and small groups that processing and meditating suddenly seemed painfully slow. Which I think is dangerous, cause I can just move and move and move. So in 2015, I want to be more vulnerable and full of confession. More journaling and processing and untangling and praying. Lay down the tracks before I move the train.

2014, what a year! :) Thankful for all that it entailed and how it shaped me today.
How was your 2014? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear about it.

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