Saturday, December 20, 2014

This month I pushed myself to carve out time after work to exercise my creative muscles and actually dive into the projects I've been wanting to do for so long. I practiced modern calligraphy, digitized my handwriting, launched a holiday line on Etsy, and took on a couple of clients for logo creations. Let me tell you, it was so much fun — and not as hard as I thought it'd be! Starting always seems to be the hardest step but it's one I never regret.

Take a peek! Hopefully this will become a regular thing and I can share my designs frequently.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

When Gilmore Girls released on Netflix earlier in October, I think every girl went nuts and into hibernation in their homes with their eyes glued to the screen. Oh, it was just me? Oops...

Although it is my fifth second time watching the show, I decided to start from the very beginning and go all the way through. (Serious throwback, I forgot how old the first couple of seasons are.) While I've been watching, there's all these questions and unanswered thoughts that are suddenly resurfacing and I thought it was imperative I share them with you... 

- The fact that Lorelai Gilmore named her daughter her exact name: Lorelai Gilmore.
- Lorelai's blue eyeshadow and pigtails. What?
- Why they didn't let her date Chad Michael Murray when she had the chance.
- Does anyone else think Rory is an awful friend to Lane?
- How is Sookie always available to whip up last minute catering for Lorelai's personal needs? How do the payments work? This seems abusive.
- Lorelai's juicy sweats. What?
- If Lorelai is "poor" how does she afford to eat out and buy coffee everyday? 

To be continued. Clearly this is not an exhausted list.



So that's all I have for you today, but I can guarantee that this is not the last time you will hear from me regarding the one and only GG.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I participated in an Etsy Swap hosted by Amy and Meg this past month and it was such a fun experience. If you're not familiar with how it works, think secret santa for Etsy lovers. Intrigued right? You're secretly assigned one person and are responsible for sending that person an Etsy gift after learning about them via social media. And of course, someone is assigned your name, as well. It is just one grand mix of etsy gifts delivered throughout the country. This was my first time participating in the swap and it was such a fun process to pick out goodies and of course, find that mysterious box land in your mailbox. :)

A link-up opened up last week for all participants to share their gifts (I know, I know I'm late) so others can look at gifts and discover new etsy shops! 

Amy, a blogger-friend and swap founder, was the lovely lady who received my name. I know, lucky me. :) She sent me a handful of cute goods including homemade lip balm, a journal, paper goods -- and because she just knows me -- a mason jar of her favorite local coffee. YES. I've already put some of the items in place and I'm just waiting to break out the coffee this weekend. :) Take a peek.


If you want to learn more about the shops of the gifts above, what other participants received, or how you can get involved in the swap next year, check this link-up here. Cheers!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014


read a book | I told myself that I would read 22 books before I turned 23. That's TWO books a month. Have I started on that? Sadly, no. But granted, I did write that ambitious list while I was bored during summer break itchy for activities. Now I am in a new city and work life has started, and that list is the last thing on my mind. However, I am a woman of my word so I gotta get on this now! :) So... I joined a book club! A friend from work invited me and it was perfect because I knew this would be the kind of accountability and social activity good for me. We're reading "Before I Sleep" by S.J. Watson (has anyone read that? thoughts?) and I also want to try "Gone Girl" since it's been so highly recommended.

no spend coffee | There's free coffee in my work (right on my floor) and free coffee in my apartment, yet I choose to go OUT OF MY WAY to a Starbucks or a Caribou, wait in a long line, and then PAY for my coffee. That really doesn't make any sense. Taste can't really be the reason cause you all know I drown it in cream/sugar so "that authentic Ethiopian bean" isn't it. I have no excuse. This month, I want to try to limit myself and not spend money on coffee!

digitize handwriting | This is just a fun, side project I had been wanting to try for awhile now. Especially when I saw Whitney Blake make fun wall prints out of her handwriting! There are times when I doodle something and I think, "man I wish I could just take this and rather than look for a font I like." Hence, digitizing my handwriting is here.

gym 1x a week | I just want to be healthy.  If I can't make time for 45 minutes out of my entire week to do some cardio, then I'm doing something wrong. 

host a gathering | Just for fun. (:

develop photos | Because I miss my friends and family and photos weren't meant to live on Facebook or Snapchat, but in your hands and in physical albums and walls so that when guests come over, you can bring the photos out to embarrass the subjects in them or break the ice if guests are awkward. Yes, that is the accurate history of photos.

create a moodboard | I'm designing less and doing Etsy less, so I thought committing to one project will keep my designing side happy for the month. And at the end I'll have something pretty to look at when I need a kick of inspiration.

YOUR TURN! :) What are your goals for this month? Share below, I'd love to hear!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I know we're already a week into October, but September was such a great month I wanted to take a beat and reflect. :)

I started my full-time job. So far? It is really, really great. And I'm extremely thankful I can say that with complete honesty. The culture is fun and the people on my team are bright, and I come home at night still with energy and enthusiasm to return the next day. It's hard being the "new girl," and to be totally honest, this new role is completely different from my past experiences so I am coming in with zero expertise; which isn't fun to not know how to do your job, but if there was a place to walk in new, this is the place to do it. (I'll update more about this later.)

I'm checking out churches. E and I committed to church hopping until end of November, and it's been one verrry interesting process. Again, I've never looked for a church before, let alone been a visitor at a church before, so this is all foreign territory to me. Five weeks in and eight churches visited, and it has been one heck of a roller coaster. There's been phases of discouragement, doubts if we'll ever find a good church, homesickness for our old home church, etc. But also phases of hope, unique opportunity to worship alongside brothers/sisters we'd probably never witness otherwise, seeing a wide spectrum of church communities, and then once in awhile entering a church where you know God's blessing is present. Interestingly, MN has a TON of churches! Many, many mega-churches... I don't know if this is unique to MN or more on my radar just cause I'm looking, but there are so many mega-churches. I've been in more mega-churches this month than I have in my entire late! I definitely notice my guard go up with mega-churches and I need to be more discerning with that, but it has been cool to worship in super nice facilities/praise teams/etc. Anyway, as of late, there's a few I really enjoy so far and I'm eager to join a small group and be in a community again. :)

I'm enjoying fall. All those fall things girls love. Apple orchards. Pumpkin spice latte. Flavored candles. Scarves and sweaters. You name it! I am totally embracing this season with open arms.

I'm making new friends. While trying to refrain from sounding like a third-grader who made friends at lunch by trading their apples for chips or on the school playground, but hey, when you move to a new city you gotta make new friends and put yourself out there. You know me, I'm all about the story-sharing, memory-making and right adjacent to the spitting in your hand and making a secret handshake kinda thing, so I like making new friends. There's a bunch of 20-something transplants, so I'm definitely not alone in this process. What's great about being in a new city and making new friends is that you do activities that you probably never would have done before. Ex: my girlfriends and I call a great night one spent on the couch, and we visit the same spots for dinner. However lately, I've tried boat riding, kayaking, hiking, and apple picking. :) Just to name a few... I guess you can call me your adventure queen. (Clearly I didn't get funnier moving to a new state.)

venturing from starbucks
celebrating our three year
apartment tour

And take out all my life lately posts here!


Saturday, September 27, 2014

I've been meaning to share these photos for awhile now, but once work started, things got busier delaying the post. However, the apartment hasn't changed too much since I took these photos, so I thought I'd share these now and update as I go along! The walls are still bare and I plan to throw up some photos and art to it, but I'm saving those Pinterest projects for winter when I'm hibernating. ;) 

So far living alone has been great :) In a couple of days, it will mark an official month of being in Minnesota. (Time flies!) I really do miss living with my roommates and all the fun that it brings — eating dinner together, talking while getting ready, convincing one another to stay in and pop in a movie, and spontaneous adventures, etc. And it's definitely not like living with my parents who lovingly keep the house tidy and food on the table (gosh, I took those times for granted), but living alone also brings new liberation!

While I miss having roommates, one of my favorite things about living alone (so far) is having full control of the decoration and organization. So much clean space to work with, let me tell you, it is one big canvas. It took me a couple of days to unload my life out of boxes and plan out a strategic way to maximize my studio, but it was totally worth it. Now I am completely pleased with how it turned out and I enjoy coming home to it. :) 

Take a look! 

The walls are gray in the bedroom and the lighting is very dim, so it kind of washes out the space so I want to think of a remedy to this problem. Also, does anyone know an inexpensive place to find cute pillows to add?

I'm still finding good pieces to decorate my desk, but you should recognize this from my old 'working space' post back when I moved into my college apartment!

And there you go! :) If you have a recent post sharing a tour of your apartment/dorm, leave a comment below and I'd love to check it out! :) Home tours always give me the best inspo!


Sunday, September 21, 2014

You read that right. I discovered the best ice cream LIKE EVER. and it's called, Sweet Science. It's comparable to Jeni's, but entirely made with organic dairy, organic sugar, and locally sourced ingredients. I know that's how Jeni's started, but once it grew nation-wide, not much of the local/organic aspect remained in the formula to continue. 

So why do I have a picture of tea up there? You can only find Sweet Science in this cute tea shop called, Verdant Tea. I should probably rate the tea, but as much as I like to think I'm a classy broad, I don't know the first thing about tea and rarely drink it. I've actually been trying to dabble it in lately, though, to get my caffeine fix without the calories I consume in my coffee. But if you have a deep appreciation for tea, this place is for you. All tea is freshly brewed and loose-leafed, and made by very trusted workers. The workers are super cool and view tea as an art form and believe in the culture even more seriously than coffee culture.

They offer tea leaves on a shelf so you can smell before you buy, monthly tea tastings, and 'tea flight' on their menu - meaning they continue to bring you hot water to add to your various tea bags while you stay there for one price. 

The environment there is great, too. It's designed to be like a greenhouse with large windows, natural lighting, decorative plants, and rich wood furniture. With free wifi, you could stay there for days and keep your creative juices flowing. Good tea + good ice cream + inspiring space = productivity. ;)

Okay, now to the main point. What we've all been waiting for. The ice cream. YES. Guys, I am not hyping this stuff up. At one point, I had $80 worth of ice cream sitting in my freezer... And as a result of it, I am now poor. And let's talk about the flavors. Oh my gosh, the flavors. The most unique and delicious and rich tasting flavors. I tried... salted caramel, vanilla mint squared, berry crumble, coffee toffee, sweetcorn blueberry, and green tea. But they also have much more. Your favorites (chocolate, vanilla, chocolate chip) and ones you've probably never dreamed of (olive oil, vegan roasted banana, root bear float, etc.) My goal is to try every flavor at least once. So far, the berry crumble and coffee toffee are my favorites. It's addictive and I have a problem. 

Ps. Isn't the packaging and overall branding so cute?! I love the consistency.
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